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Checking In:
Accuracy of your reservation?
Speed & Efficiency of your check-in?
Staff's friendliness & courtesy?
Staff's knowledge?
Cleanliness of public areas?

Your Room:
D├ęcor and furnishings in the room?
Cleanliness of the room?
Cleanliness of the bathroom?
Amenities provided?
Comfort of the bed?

Daybreak Breakfast:
Cleanliness of Breakfast Area?
Selection of food?
Quality of Food?
Friendliness of Breakfast Attendant & quality of service?

Checking Out:
Accuracy of your bill?
Speed & Efficiency of your check-out?
Staff's friendliness, courtesy, responsiveness?
Our staff's knowledge?

Overall Experience:
Value for your price paid?
Responsiveness of our staff to your needs?
Our staff's knowledge?
Your overall experience staying at our hotel?
Would you stay at our hotel again?
Were any of our staff members especially friendly or helpful to you? Please let us know who it was and what they did!
We would appreciate any additional comments you wish to share with us regarding your stay.

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